Zika virus spread in Europe

The alarm sounded for Europe, the World Health Organization, in regards to Zika virus, warning that the next few months, as the temperatures in the old continent will go up gradually, there is a risk, but also spread the virus.

In the words of WHO, the overall risk of prevalence in Europe is judged by low to moderate risk, taking adequate precautions. In serious condition are the Madeira Islands of Portugal and the north-eastern coast of the Black Sea, which thrive Aedes mosquitoes, which carry the virus.

"There is a risk of spreading the Zika virus disease in the European Region, with the risk varies from country to country. We call on the countries of the old continent to take the strongest possible measures to prevent a large outbreak of the virus, "said regional director of the organization in Europe, Zuzana Jakabos.

The European part of the Agency, covering an area of ​​53 countries with a population of almost 900 million people, said that if no appropriate measures are taken to reduce the threat, there is a possible transmission of the virus in 18 countries, which will particularly make a serious issue for the whole continent.

Please note that during the weekend 22-24 June is scheduled conference in Portugal, under the auspices of WHO, to discuss further the threat of Zika