Men and women cheat nearly on same scale in Greece

Some rather surprising findings that challenge prevalent perceptions on infidelity emerged from a study carried out by the Andrological Institute. According to the study, which lasted for 2 years and surveyed 2,000 couples, women are nearly as equally prone to ‘hanky panky’ as men. 78% of women asked said they would fool around outside their relationship, compared to 84% of men. The survey listed 10 key factors for female infidelity:

Women are the ones that actually choose who they will go to bed with.
If you are men, beware of your partner’s ovulation! She is ‘biologically’ ready to cheat due to her natural sexual drive. At that point she wants to procreate and have sex.
Women do not cheat, they leave for good. They prepare their move a long time in advance. Men are always ready to return to the bosom of the mom/partner/lover.
Female infidelity is not superficial. It is a calculated, well-thought out move. Females think only with their ‘heads’, whereas males…That’s why men are inconsolable when they find out their partner had sex with another man.
Men feel emasculated by their partner’s infidelity, which they consider the end of the world. while seeing their fooling around as innocent and somewhat ‘natural’.

Infidelity on the part of woman is a way of punishing a lackluster lover that doubted her ‘divine nature’.
A woman cheating sends a double message. I punish you because you were a bad boy, but come back because you are useful for other things.
Female infidelity has two ‘parents’. The ‘mother’ is ‘sexual wit’ and the ‘father’ is eroticism, while for the infidelity is without ‘parents.
Female infidelity is usually passionate and unmediated, while for men it is a poor replica of his vain male nature.
If gender infidelity could be marked men would fail, while females would pass with flying colours!