10 Types of Seafood You Have to Taste in Creece

Sit under the shade of a tree in a picturesque Greek restaurant by the sea, grab a glass of wine or ouzo, and let locals guide you through a wide list of traditional Greek seafood dishes, all made of good quality fresh ingredients, topped with the appropriate doze of spices and herbs, and flooded with the famous Greek olive oil. Start now, discovering together the 10 seafood dishes you should not miss during your stay !!

1) Greek Mussels 

2) Greek Shrimp Saganaki 

3) Greek Lobster Pasta  

4) Greek Crispy Fried Squid 

 5) Greek Sea Bass

6) Greek Fried Anchovies 

7) Greek Cod With Garlic Sauce

 8) Greek Cuttlefish With Spinach  

9) Greek Octopus With Pasta  

10) Greek Crab Salad