Destination Anogeia

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 Anogia is the most famous and tourist village of Rethymno, finding the Psiloritis slopes at an altitude of 700 m.

The music, folk art and tradition are the elements that remain unchanged in time, since the inhabitants of Anogia keep them alive from generation to generation. The famous Cretan weavings monopolize nearly merchandise stores in central alleys and streets of the village,
while the cafes are a reference point for locals and tourists who stop to drink raki and taste Cretan dishes. Especially during the summer months, the central square of Saint George is always full of people, often organized musical and theatrical parastaseis.
Anogeia strongly associated with the Cretan musical tradition. In the village there are several small hotels and inns, and taverns with traditional Cretan 

Is one village that you must visit!!!!
From Heraklion town is about 40minutes by car,
dont missed it!!!!

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